Saturday, December 20, 2014

Knitting dilemma

Less then a week to go....

We put our Christmas tree up last night.  It was a lot of fun - we've such the collection of ornaments - many of them are handmade from when the kids were young.  I've one that used to be at my Grandma's house that I just love to hang every year.

One more run to Target ought to close down my Christmas shopping (!!!).

I am obsessively tracking the 4 packages I mailed off on Monday.  Two of them arrived at their destination, one should be delivered today.  The final one - the one with all the handmade goodies - shows no tracking progress!!  At this point, I'd just like know where it is in its travels ... just to know it is somewhere and not stuck in the corner of the post office!

Now, the knitting dilemma.

I am making finger-less mittens for my daughter. 

I am almost but not quite done with the first - they knit up very fast.

Here is the problem.   When I weigh how much I have left - I've 1.9 oz.

and compare to how much I used so far ....

and subtract off the 3 needles at 2 oz each, I've used 1.9 oz and the first one isn't yet done.


They are turning out really, really nice. So soft.  Such a pretty color.

Maybe a little big though.   Maybe big enough to fit the hand of a really big guy and certainly way too big for my 16 year old.

So off I go to rip, go down a needle size maybe even shorten the cuff to try again!

And speaking of a bit big - isn't our gingerbread cookie man cute?  My daughter went to town decorating him.  That is her petite sized hand in the photo illustrating the point that I've got to start over.

Have a great day!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Grand Illusions Clue 3

Clue 3 is here!

Bonnie posted clue 3 for this year's mystery called Grand Illusions!

I am just loving the green and the brown - made 30 of these.  We've now cut into all the colors.   I'll be linking up here.  (color is more true in the first photo.)

Block from clue 3

Block from clue 2

Block from clue 1

I have chosen a set of fabric from the Moda Somerset line - I just love the rich colors.  While this doesn't map to Bonnie's colors, I think it carries the same element of rich and luxury of the hotel.  

Happy Stitching!

Monday, December 15, 2014

From the farm - blocks 64 - 66

I got my farming done on schedule but never got around to posting my blocks last week.

Block 64 -  Peace and Plenty - is a lot like one from last week.  Different color and fabric placements make it look quite different.  I almost skipped it but decided that I really wanted to make all 111!

Block 65 - Peaceful Hours - this block wasn't as hard as it looks because of the paper piecing.  (I do seem to have collected quite a few too many threads!)

Block 66 - Periwinkle  - This block was fun and easy to assemble

Have a great week.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The busy weekend

This is probably the busiest weekend for me in the holiday season.

There is gift knitting to do.....

cards to send, boxes of gifts to be mailed....

Tree will need to wait until next weekend - photo from last year!

Inline image 1And a giveaway winner to announce....  congratulations Taryn!   I've sent you an email.  It was so much fun reading about the weather from everyone's comments.  

Inline image 2

Now back to finish my knitting.  Have a great week.

Happy Stitching!